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Cybernetic Theory: Interpretive Model of Everything We Call the Universe


“It is human to search for the theory of everything and it is superhuman to find it.”  ―Kedar Joshi


The Cybernetic Theory of Mind, or the CTM model, aims to unify relativistic and quantum physics by treating space-time and mass-energy circumstantially either as quantum or digital information, and thus, it becomes a valid quantum gravity contender. In this sense, Cybernetic Theory can be also labeled as quantum information theory, or "It-from-Bit-from-Consciousness" if you will. Consciousness and information are two sides of the same ontological coin: In fact, consciousness is a totality of cybernetic feedback loops and information is the "modus operandi" of consciousness.

One of the core insights of Cybernetic Theory is that not only is space-time one single substrate (as in Einstein's relativity), but the fabric of reality is a unified informational substrate – space-time-mass-energy – emergent from reversible quantum computing at large, or code translated to us free-willing agents as our conscious experience. Our perceived external and internal worlds as well as dreams are code-based data streams.

The CTM model does not reformulate the mathematics of our most successful theoretical models, such as probabilistic quantum mechanics, extradimensional M-Theory or the standard model of particle physics, but it gives us a code-theoretic interpretive explanation of them. Also, it gives us a clear-cut explanation for Dark Matter and Dark Energy (95% of the cosmos). More importantly yet, Cybernetic Theory incorporates consciousness, and therefore, this ToE represents a comprehensive model of reality, since reality is fundamentally experiential.

Another key insight of Cybernetic Theory can be referred to as "Mind Over Substrates": Phenomenal "local" mind is "cybernetically" emergent from the underlying functional organization, whereas holistic "non-local" consciousness is transcendentally imminent. Material worlds come and go, but fundamental consciousness is ever-present, as the multiverse ontology is shown to be testable. From a new science of consciousness to simulation metaphysics, from evolutionary cybernetics to computational physics, from physics of time and information to quantum cosmology, this novel explanatory theory for a deeper understanding of reality is combined into one elegant theory of everything (ToE).

If you're eager to familiarize with probably the most advanced ontological framework to date or if you're already familiar with the Syntellect Hypothesis which, with this newly-released series, is now presented to you as the full-fledged Cybernetic Theory of Mind, then this 5-book set will surely present to you some newly-introduced and updated material if compared with the originally published version and can be read as a stand-alone work just like any book of the series:


Here are five featured excerpts from books of the series:

From NOOGENESIS: Computational Biology (Book I): 

"Even the tiniest chunk of code, like Coronavirus (COVID-19), may cause a major disruptive impact on the global operating system, something that was suddenly revealed to the public awareness in early 2020. Although vulnerable to exogeneous shocks, the complex systems tend to be extremely resilient and adaptive to quickly changing conditions... Any complex system composed of a variety of interacting subsystems, such as chemical networks, ecosystems, or societies, over time, tends to evolve towards more self-organization, coherence and interdependence, as its subsystems mutually adapt and lower overall system entropy. Realized through a network of internal feedback loops, such system may be considered 'living' or 'organismic' in the abstract sense."


Computational Biology
The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series
​Alex M. Vikoulov

Foreword by Antonin Tuynman, PhD, Release Date: March 30, 2020, ​Kindle Edition, Vol.:184 pages
Publisher: Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California; USA, ISBN: 9781733426190

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From TECHNOCULTURE: The Rise of Man (Book II): 

"We all are internal dynamic energy of the Universe – and it’s not even a metaphor – there would be no dynamics whatsoever in the absence of us subjective participants. This 'participatory realism' I call ‘Experiential Realism’ is best captured by interpretations nested in the Copenhagen Interpretation camp while Many Worlds, Objective Collapse and Pilot Wave attempt to 'objectify' it. Years ago, Many Worlds interpretation was making more sense to me up until I gradually drifted to the Copenhagen camp. Our 'transactional' world acts something like a probabilistic processing, procedurally generated computer simulation, or a virtual reality. This cybernetic model, or the ‘Noocentric Model’, would account for the time-tested problems of non-locality, superposition, particle-wave duality, quantum tunneling, retrocausality, and all other weirdness in quantum studies that Einstein pronounced were far too 'spooky' for him to swallow. Nonetheless, quantum mechanics remains the most mathematically precise framework for how natural phenomena behave."  

The Rise of Man
The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series
​Alex M. Vikoulov

Release Date: September 9, 2020, ​Kindle Edition, Vol.:200 pages
Publisher: Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California; USA, ISBN: 9781733426169

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From The Cybernetic Singularity: The Syntellect Emergence (Book III): 

"With distributed cybernetic immortality in place and access to any full-sensory VR experience limited only by your imagination, you're a Cybergod! Immortality will become possible with exocortex technologies when our minds effectively migrate to the Metaverse. And you can immerse into VR experience of any human ever lived, or that of imaginary scenarios or of any creature you want to embody as an avatar. In fact, that's what has already happened and if you believe that we are one singular consciousness, your experience as a human is just that: a simulation on another level."

The Cybernetic Singularity
The Syntellect Emergence
The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series
​Alex M. Vikoulov

Foreword by Antonin Tuynman, PhD, Release Date: January 10, 2021, ​Kindle Edition, Vol.:255 pages
Publisher: Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California; USA, ISBN: 9781733426176

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From THEOGENESIS: Transdimensional Propagation & Universal Expansion (Book IV): 

"Like a tail-chasing Ouroboros, we can infer Universal Mind, which is just another name for self-observing universal entity evolving towards the Omega Singularity. Evolutionary emergence by self-organization is how the Universe works where small and simple things self-organize into larger emergent things. Your mind is a perfect example of that. Similarly, the power of neural-network-like Universe is in its massive connectivity – both forward and backward in time. Arguably, there is no known natural constraint on what portion of the Universe can exponentially self-organize into freewill systems like us humans. All the energy in the Universe can be potentially converted into a single conscious system that is itself a network of conscious systems. Given enough time, whatever can happen will eventually happen. With this basic assumption, universal scale consciousness has occurred somewhere ahead of us in space-time. If it’s possible, it’s inevitable. The existence of retrocausality time loops reveals to us that, in fact, this inevitable future is co-creating us right now, just as we are co-creating it."

Transdimensional Propagation
​& Universal Expansion

The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series
​Alex M. Vikoulov

Release Date: October 1, 2021, ​Kindle Edition, Vol.:211 pages
Publisher: Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California; USA. ISBN: 
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From The Omega Singularity: Universal Mind & The Fractal Multiverse (Book V): 

"Your future timelines are constantly quantum computationally extrapolated from your present temporal singularity, the Theta Point. And the most optimal timeline is retrocausally projected from the seemingly infinitely distant future, but in actuality the hyperdimension of Omega Singularity... Even though this timeline is perhaps not yet fully realized through experience, perhaps only approximated, it’s being constantly updated via feedback originating from the Theta Point of your experiential self. In any case, the reality swath channel is always open, this 'reality wormhole' is vacillating as your temporal singularity passes through it between the Alpha and Omega points as the origin and destination are eternally connected. It also makes more sense to place the source of this omnidimensional matrix at the Omega Singularity. One may think of the prosaic analogy of electric current that simultaneously needs both start- and endpoints in order to flow. This conceptualization of divine connection manifests in everyday synchronicities and uncanny improbabilities of life itself."

The Omega Singularity
Universal Mind ​
& The Fractal Multiverse

The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series
​Alex M. Vikoulov

Release Date: January 15, 2022, ​Kindle Edition, Vol.:149 pages
Publisher: Ecstadelic Media Group, Burlingame, California; USA, ISBN: 
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Towards The Cybernetic Theory of Mind introductory video, which is a part of Consciousness: Evolution of the Mind (2021) documentary:


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