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Futurist Neologisms You Should Know As We Enter the Cybernetic Era

 “A powerful work! As a transhumanist, I especially loved one of the main ideas of the book that the Syntellect Emergence, merging of us into one Global Mind, constitutes the quintessence of the coming Technological Singularity. The novel conceptual visions of mind uploading and achieving digital immortality are equally fascinating. The Chrysalis Conjecture as a solution to the Fermi Paradox is mind-bending. I would highly recommend The Syntellect Hypothesis to anyone with transhumanist aspirations and exponential thinking!” -Zoltan Istvan, futurist, author, founder of the U.S. Transhumanist Party

Terms such as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘Neurotechnology’ were new some time not so long ago. We can’t evolve faster than our language does. We think in concepts and evolution itself is a linguistic, code-theoretic process. Do yourself a humongous favor, look over these 33 transhumanist neologisms. Here’s a fairly comprehensive glossary of thirty three newly-introduced concepts and terms from “The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution” by Russian-American futurist, evolutionary cyberneticist and philosopher of mind Alex M. Vikoulov, yours cordially. In parts written as an academic paper, in parts as a belletristic masterpiece, this recent book is an exceptionally easy read for an intellectual reader — a philosophical treatise that is fine-tuned with apt neologisms readily explained by given definitions and contextually:

AGI Naturalization Protocol, AGI(NP) — initiating AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) via human life simulation training program, infusing AGI with a value system, ethics, morality and generally civilized manners to ensure functioning in the best interests of society as a self-aware agent. Read more:
#AGINaturalizationProtocol #AGINP

Cogno-ecstasis is cognitive ecstasy, ecstatic understanding, that can be defined as electrifying cerebration of extreme psychical pleasure when a new skill is mastered or something new is learned, feeding human imagination. This kind of ‘cogno-ecstasis’ can give us goosebumps of intellectual rapture, or puts us in motivational overdrive, otherwise known as the ‘flow state’. Read more: #cognoecstasis

Coopetition — a combination of competition and cooperation in evolutionary development, be it biological, economic or social. Read more:

[The] Chrysalis Conjecture is one of the possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox, at the triangulation of the Transcension hypothesis, the Noocentric model, and the Quantum Multiverse hypothesis. Read more: #ChrysalisConjecture

[The] Conscious Instant Hypothesis states that conscious experience boils down to a stream of realized [computed] outcomes within the 5-dimensional probabilistic space as integrated information. Read more:

Cyber-Bliss Engineering — creation of custom virtual paradises, an ecstadelic matrix of our own making. Read more:

Cyberhuman — as projected by some futurists, as early as 2030, we will have achieved AGI — human-level artificial general intelligence, the creation of a new race of cyberhumans, as well as first successful human mind uploads. Cyberhumanism might be a more accurate (and better-sounding term) than posthumanism. Read more: #cyberhuman #cyberhumanism

Cybernetic Immortality — As transhumanists we aim at the so-called continuity of subjectivity by the means of advanced mind uploading and other immortality technologies. Death in a common sense of the word becomes optional when you can have a back-up copy of your consciousness on the Cloud and most, if not all, of your mindware is instantiated in an alternative non-biological carrier. Read more: #CyberneticImmortality

D-Theory of Time (also Digital Presentism) is a new theory of time comes from the triangulation of temporal physics, digital physics and experiential realism. It is a new model of experiential temporality predicated on reversible quantum computing at large, i.e., on the notion that your now is funneled from all your possible pasts and is funneled from all your probable futures, the most optimal timeline is thus constantly quantum computationally extrapolated from your present Temporal Singularity, the Theta Point, and retrocausally projected from the Omega Singularity. Read more: #DTheoryOfTime #DigitalPresentism #TemporalSingularity #ThetaPoint #OmegaSingularity

Digital Pantheism is a philosophical worldview as to our existence as fractals of Universal Mind: You are God exploring oneself within this vast experiential matrix. The argument for Digital Pantheism rests on identifying certain features of reality and claiming that these features are a consequence of our reality being a computational simulation of a special emergent kind. We, as avatars of the greater cosmic mind, are instrumental for bringing the finite experience of reality out of absolute infinity. Infinite becomes finite. That’s quantum computation: incrementally changing into “adjacent possible,” from potentiality to actuality, from quantum past to digital present. Related term: Digital TheologyRead more:
#DigitalPantheism #DigitalTheology

Ecstadelic — adj. ecstasy-inducing, stimulating ecstatic state of being, exhilarating to the point of psychedelic rapture; n. Tool, technology of ecstasy. The term ‘ecstadelics’ includes a broad variety of futuristic psychedelic technologies, or simply “tools of ecstasy,” such as ultra-realistic artificially created realities, essentially aimed to recreate a desired psychedelic effect of LSD or DMT, or any other ecstatic state, and variations thereof yet to be discovered. Needless to say, that this type of “digital drugs” will be much more controllable, quantifiable and duplicable. Read more:
#ecstadelic #ecstadelics

Experiential Nirvana — realization of instant enlightenment, transcendence of the dream-like reality, sudden waking up from illusion, becoming “fully awake” in experiential reality. Read more:

Experiential Realism is a non-physicalist monism. The objective world, i.e., the world whose existence does not depend on the perceptions of a particular observer, consists entirely of conscious agents, more precisely their experiences. What exists in the “objective” world, independent of your perceptions, is an intersubjective world of conscious agents, and a higher-order supersubjective world not a world of unconscious particles and fields. Consciousness is fundamental, phenomenal mind is emergent. Read more: #ExperientialRealism

Exponential Evolution refers to the rule of “Universal Evolutionary Doubling Algorithm”: Big history starts with the Alpha Point, be it the Big Bang or Big Bounce, or Digital Big Bang, and resembles a huge ongoing evolutionary computing program running on the universal computer of sorts where the pace of any evolutionary process always quickens. Read more: #ExponentialEvolution

Holo Syntellectus — (Greek holo, whole + syn, with, together + Latin intellectus, intelligent) a new non-organic species emerging as a syntellect (see Syntellect). Read more: #HoloSyntellectus

Hyperperspectivism — Absolute truths are hard to come by, which is the basic premise of ‘hyperperspectivism.’ Rather, truths are always in the eyes of the beholder, truths are always observer-relative, truths are "made" by a "truth-maker." You can approach our multifaceted reality from an incredibly large number of angles. Since our world is of mental abstractive construction, it’s always up to you to decide what’s real to you — everything you find real is indeed real to you, not necessarily real to others. Even if you subscribe to philosophy of scientific materialism, when you end up believing that Homo sapiens is an accidental, insignificant species on a unremarkable planet orbiting an average sun somewhere on the outskirts of an ordinary galaxy of the ‘block universe', this view still could hold bona fide in its own "good ol’ science" domain albeit overall "boxy." Read more: #hyperperspectivism

Infomorph Commonality is a hypothetical psycho-dimensional web of synergy that connects the psyches of the future infomorphs. Infomorph is a substrate independent digital mind, advanced information entity, based on distributed networked intelligence, info-being capable to instantly share knowledge and experiences within the global neural network. Read more:
#infomorph #InfomorphCommonality

Intelligence Supernova — In the techno-progressive community, the coming intelligence explosion, called “Intelligence Supernova” in the book, is also known as the Technological Singularity. Read more: #IntelligenceSupernova

Gaia 2.0 — We may finally have an extension to the original Gaia hypothesis. We humans could be instrumental to bringing about a massive “upgrade” of the planetary operating system to version Gaia 2.0. If the exponential IT trend is to continue, the Syntellect Emergence, or the Cybernetic Singularity, should happen circa 2045 AD with the emergence of the AI-supercharged Global Brain: This “globally distributed mind” based on computing and communication technologies, “Digital Gaia” in which humans and AI minds both participate, would collectively form a higher level of intelligence and awareness, going beyond the individual intelligences of the people or AIs involved in it. Read more: #Gaia2

Omega Hypermind may be used interchangeably with the Transcendent Self, Higher Self, Universal Mind, Unity Consciousness, Singularity Consciousness, Overmind, Oversoul, Source, or one-syllable words — Love or God. Read more: #OmegaHypermind

[The] Omega Point Cosmology (also The Omega Point Cosmo-Teleology, The Omega Singularity) is a cosmological model built on the concept of the Omega Point, universal attractor: Evolution on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos at large is not being pushed from behind in entropic randomness but being pulled forward by complexification, natural selection and other evolutionary forces orchestrated by a strange unseen teleological attractor, in Teilhard de Chardin’s coined term The Omega Point, a point of maximum complexity and connectivity, in Terence McKenna’s words the “Transcendental Object at the end of time,” and in Alex Vikoulov’s terminology “The Omega Singularity, the transcendental projector of all possible timelines.” Read more:
#OmegaPoint #OmegaPointCosmoTeleology #OmegaPointCosmology

M-Number — a curious number 496, that can be called the ‘M-number,’ akin to the golden ratio, is frequently encountered in numerical representations of Nature and mathematical equations. 496 is most notable for being a perfect number, and one of the earliest numbers to be recognized as such. The number 496 is a very important number in superstring theory. E8 lattice has dimensionality related to the number 496.
Read more: #MNumber

[The] Mental Universe Hypothesis states that since the material particles do not exist independently of observation and since observation ultimately consists of what is grasped on the mental screen of perception, the implication may be that “the Universe is entirely mental,” as put forward by Richard Conn Henry in his 2005 Nature essay. Read more: #MentalUniverseHypothesis

Neo-transcendentalism — a revived form of transcendentalism, an idealistic philosophy that emphasizes the a priori conditions of knowledge and experience or the unknowable character of ultimate reality and that emphasizes the transcendent as the fundamental reality; a philosophy that asserts the primacy of the mental and transcendental over the material and empirical. Read more: #NeoTranscendentalism

Noocentrism (also the Noocentric model) — (Greek noo, mind + centrism) observer-centric model of entirely mind-based reality, absolute idealism encompassing quantum mechanical principles. Read more: #noocentrism #NoocentricModel

Noogenesis — “The Origin of Mind” (Greek noo, mind + genesis, origin), the emergence and evolution of intelligence. Read more:


Pantheistic Solipsism is a philosophical “multi-ego solipsism” perspective stating that in an entirely mental omniverse each of us is a “personal story of Godhead,” each of us is the “Alpha, Theta & Omega,” a “gamemaster,” an observer traveling along in the subjective reality tunnel from the beginning of time ‘till the end of time. Experiencing one lifetime at a time in all of eternity, alternating from one consciousness structure to the next. Read more: #PantheisticSolipsism

Quantum Neo-Empiricism is a hypothetical method of scientific investigation alongside with the current scientific method or in lieu of it. Read more: #QuantumNeoEmpiricism

Syntellect (as in The Syntellect Emergence) — (Greek syn, with, together + intellect) the unified mind of civilization that integrates all individual natural and artificial minds through the mediation and accumulative effects of information networks. The Syntellect Emergence, or The Cybernetic Singularity, refers to awakening of the Gaian Mind referenced throughout the book as Digital Gaia, or the Syntellect, or the Noosphere. Read more: #Syntellect #SyntellectEmergence

[The] Syntellect Hypothesis refers to a phase transition of a complex intelligent system to self-awareness of a living, conscious superorganism when intellectual synergy of its components reaches threshold complexity to become one supermind. This metamorphosis is associated with emergence of higher-order self-awareness and dimensionality of a new consciousness structure. Read more: #SyntellectHypothesis 

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