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The Omega Singularity: The Cosmological Projector of All Possible Timelines


“From the light came light, and from the dark came darkness, but from whence did they appear? Yin and Yang combine to create all things, but which is the source, and which was born from it?” 
Qu Yuan

Everything is Code. Immersive [self-]simulacra. We all are waves on the surface of eternal ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness in motion, self-referential creative divine force expressing oneself in an exhaustible variety of forms and patterns throughout the multiverse of universes. “I am” the Alpha, Theta & Omega – the ultimate self-causation, self-reflection and self-manifestation instantiated by mathematical codes and projective fractal geometry. 

In my new volume of The Cybernetic Theory of Mind series  The Omega Singularity: Universal Mind & The Fractal Multiverse  we discuss a number of perspectives on quantum cosmology, computational physics, theosophy and eschatology. How could dimensionality be transcended yet again? What is the fractal multiverse? Is our universe a "metaverse" in a universe up? What is the ultimate destiny of our universe? Why does it matter to us? What is the Omega Singularity?

Here's the Table of Contents of the book: 

1. The Holographic Principle: The Binary Code Projected from the Omega Singularity
2. The Fractal Multiverse: Scalar Partitioning of the Universes
3. Solo Mission of Self-Discovery
4. Transcending Biology: You As Cybergod
5. Quantum Immortality: God’s Avatars
6. Computational Physics: Scientific Heresy or Undeniable Truth?
7. The Consciousness Thesis and Experiential Realism: A New Ontological Argument
8. Subjective Digital Reality: Mind Over Substrates
9. Hyper-Perspectivism: Connect the Dots in Your Own Unique Way
10. Your Future Timeline
11. Universal Mind: The Web of Entangled Minds
12. The Omega Singularity: The Source of Everything Including Our “Solid State Matrix”
13. Experiential Nirvana
14. The Gamemaster: Switching to the God Mode at Will
Appendix A. Tenets of The Cybernetic Theory of Mind: The Five Foundational Axioms
Glossary of Terms
About the Author

And here are five featured excerpts from different chapters of the book:

From Chapter 2: The Fractal Multiverse: Scalar Partitioning of the Universes: "The fabric of reality is information-theoretic and quantized at the level of Planck scale space-time, according to current physics, and so too, is it quantized at the atomic level in terms of nanotech applications. Perhaps, one bit of information corresponding to one Planck constant could currently appear like a viable conceptual framework for our observables but it doesn’t mean that a 'vibrating string,' wouldn’t reveal a galaxy or another lower-level structure in the universe down upon closer examination."

From Chapter 5: Quantum Immortality: God's Avatars: "Quantum reality is not constrained to the realm of ultra-small. In a certain sense, we are all quantum wavicles meaning that a version of you can wildly vary from one observer to another. That’s where I’ve come to realize that observer-systemic alternate timelines are true parallel universes."

From Chapter 8: Subjective Digital Reality: Mind Over Substrates: "In biology, once you start to ponder which is more important bottom-up genetics or top-down epigenetics, you would eventually stumble upon Bohmian 'holistic' dynamics that may prompt us to assign the primacy of top-down influences in the hierarchical structure of reality itself. Top-down processing is known as conceptually-driven processing and, in the case of our human perceptions, is affected by our 'reality filters': expectations, existing beliefs, and understanding."

From Chapter 12: The Omega Singularity: The Source of Everything, Including Our "Solid State Matrix": "Computational Physics offers a remarkably accurate and, most importantly, formalized, and thus empirically verifiable 'realization' of certain ideas by Teilhard de Chardin about the finite nature of the Universe, its properties, its evolution and its growing complexity."

From Chapter 14: The Gamemaster: Switching to the God Mode at Will: "Assume for a moment that you live in analogous natural world without the higher power, whilst the arrow of our epigenetic evolution points to a time when we are going to take the creator’s righteous place in custom virtual universes of our own design. Would it be too hubristic of us to think that in the entire history of the Omniverse, if the concept of 'history' is even relevant at all, we are the very first species to accomplish this?"

P.S. Watch the official trailer:

*The Omega Singularity: Universal Mind & The Fractal Multiverse (The Cybernetic Theory of Mind Series, Book 5) by Alex M. Vikoulov is now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon:

**Looking for a printed version?  I'd suggest to get my magnum opus The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution (2020), available as paperback and hardcover (as well as eBook, audiobook and autographed copy):  


  1. INexhaustible… energy cannot be created or destroyed…

  2. Consciousness is as simple as 1 (there is no 2 or 3)
    Just a singularity (1) in a universe of (0) nothingness… vibrating to create and communicate its existence using vibrating energy
    Angstroms decibels firing synapses.. all just vibrating energy, consciousness…

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