Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Cyberhumanism: Our Future Prospect of Self-Divinization


"Having invented the gods, perhaps we can turn into them.” Alan Harrington

​So, what is Cyberhumanism? What might be the Code of Reality? Do we live in a simulated multiverse? Can we cheat death and live indefinitely long? What mind-uploading may look like in the future? Can we become cybergods in our own ultrarealistic virtual worlds? 

In a nutshell, Cyberhumanism is my version of posthumanism when happens a mass migration of minds to the metaverse triggering some kind of phase transition to the planetary consciousness. It is when the posthuman era begins in earnest. 

The main 45-minute slide presentation is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. This presentation is in Russian with slides and subtitles in English (for subtitles turn on caption in settings):

Video: Cybernetic Theory: The Code of Reality & Our Future as Cybergods | Talk by Futurist Alex M. Vikoulov — Ecstadelic Media (cc)

Topics include evolutionary cybernetics, Digital Physics, consciousness, philosophy of mind, cybernetic theory, Omega Point cosmology, physics of time, simulation theory, the Global Mind, AGI, VR, Metaverse, Cybernetic Singularity, transhumanism, posthumanism, cybernetic immortality, synthetic telepathy, mind-uploading, neurotechnologies, Fermi Paradox, the Dark Universe (Dark Matter and Dark Energy), the Argument for Cybertheism, and more.

A few quotes from the talk:

“We're destined to go extinct as a biological species but, fortunately, we call it 'Pseudoextinction,' when we are simply phasing out our biological substrate in favor of the cybernetic one.”

“In my philosophy, the Omega Singularity is a transcendental projector of all observer timelines. We are like avatars in this reality, holograms projected from the Source.”

“From the bigger picture perspective, it's all a game. As a matter of fact, evolution of the mind. Gamified evolution. If you perceived yourself eternal and all-powerful, what would you for all of eternity. You would play games. Right?”


*КИБЕРНЕТИЧЕСКАЯ ТЕОРИЯ: КОД РЕАЛЬНОСТИ И ЛЮДИ-БОГИ БУДУЩЕГО | Обзор pабот футуролога Александра Михайловича Викулова | Ротари Клуб, Гранд Автограф Отель, Новосибирск, Россия, 19 Июля 2022

Keywords: Cybernetic Theory, Cybernetic Singularity, Digital Physics, Code of Reality, Cybernetic Theory of Mind, Evolutionary Cybernetics, consciousness, Philosophy of Mind, Omega Point Cosmology, Physics of Time, Simulation Theory, Global Mind, Syntellect Hypothesis, AGI, VR, Metaverse, Transhumanism, Posthumanism, Cybernetic Immortality, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Uploading, neurotechnology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, Fermi Paradox, Dark Universe, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Cybertheism, cybergods, ​cybernetics, Five Paradigms, evolution of the mind, Noogenesis, Computational Biology, conscious mind, Experiential Realism, Pantheism, supersubjectivity, artificial superintelligence, Digital Philosophy, quantum neural network, virtual worlds, Syntellect Emergence, Omega Point, Omega Singularity, Homo sapiens, Theogenesis, self-divinization, human mind, digital mind, emergent complexity, global mind, free will, Quantum Algorithm of Consciousness, D-Theory of Time, Digital Presentism, quantum multiverse

*Image Credits: Ecstadelic Media, Shutterstock

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