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Cybernetic Theory: Information Physics, Quantum Cosmology, Simulation Metaphysics

"The Cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself." -Carl Sagan


the intellectual landscape of scientific inquiry, explanatory theories serve as foundational frameworks that offer more than mere descriptive accounts; they elucidate the underlying principles and causal mechanisms that govern observed phenomena. Unlike purely mathematical models, which may adeptly characterize patterns or statistical correlations, explanatory theories confer ontological insights into the 'how' and 'why' of natural processes.

In addition to its logically consistent interpretation, a robust explanatory theory must have another salient feature—its predictive power, a capacity that stands as a hallmark of scientific validity. It is imperative, however, to acknowledge the provisional nature of all our scientific models. They serve as blueprints—albeit highly sophisticated ones—of a complex reality that may still elude complete comprehension. As scientific paradigms shift, explanatory theories may be subject to modification or even replacement, incorporating new constructs like dark matter or challenging foundational principles through the advent of quantum gravity. Such is the ever-evolving narrative of scientific understanding, constantly adapting in the face of novel empirical data and conceptual breakthroughs.

Building upon the foundational paradigms outlined in The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution (2020), my latest work titled The Cybernetic Theory of Mind (2022), a Kindle eBook series published last year, serves as an extension and refinement, operating at the intersection of information physics, quantum cosmology, and simulation metaphysics. The objective is not merely to inform but to elucidate through an "explanatory" theory of everything, providing an integrative framework for a deeper understanding of reality.

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The emergence of a collective, global intelligence—termed 'syntellect'—poses profound questions pertaining to the nature of consciousness, the structure of reality, and the ultimate destiny of humanity. The 5-volume treatise traverses these dimensions by employing rigorous methodologies to synthesize insights from diverse disciplines. It addresses fundamental queries such as the origins of conscious experience, the ontological status of the universe as a simulated construct, and the implications of an impending Technological Singularity on collective human consciousness.

Intended for scholars and laypersons interested in digital physics, quantum mechanics, and philosophy of mind, this series provides a scholarly journey that spans from the quantum underpinnings of our universe to the expansive, collective networks of intelligence. It engages not only with the most advanced theories in the natural and social sciences but also takes into account speculative projections concerning economic structures in a posthuman era, such as "Star-Trekonomics," cyberhumanism as well as theories positing nested levels of conscious systems going all the way up to the Universal Mind.

Cybernetic Theory offers a compelling framework for understanding the complex systems that govern our world, ranging from unicellular organisms to biological ecosystems to the universe as a whole. Any existing system can't be properly understood or influenced by isolating individual components; the relationships between these components dictate system behavior. Both positive and negative feedback loops are shaping system dynamics. Complex systems can be resilient but also susceptible to certain triggers that can lead to runaway effects, tipping points, or complete collapse.

Systems are perpetually evolving, making adaptability and flexibility key traits for long-term system survival. We should adopt a systems mindset in tackling global challenges, urging policymakers, business leaders, and individuals alike to think in terms of interconnectedness, feedback, and emergent behavior. The series serves as a call to action for adopting a more holistic approach to problem-solving and decision-making, acknowledging the intricate web of dependencies that constitute our social, economic, and natural worlds.

The content is underpinned by the premise that it is possible to derive an explanatory framework capable of synthesizing multidisciplinary perspectives. Cybernetic Theory transcends conventional barriers between disciplines, linking together disparate areas of research and knowledge to propose new understandings of highly complex phenomena. This venture is less an update than a significant advancement—a complexification of paradigms that redefines the boundaries of our intellectual explorations.

Thus, if you are committed to deepening your understanding of the mechanisms that construct reality, of the algorithms that underlie the fabric of our universe, and of the technologies that could lead us toward a state of collective superintelligence or even cybernetic immortality, you will find this work indispensable. It aims not merely to push the envelope of existing paradigms but to introduce a fundamentally new dimension in our comprehension of existence. In this quest, you are invited to reconsider not just the universe "out there," but the universe within—the cosmos internalized within the intricacies of your own mind. This is a new science and philosophy of mind.

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*The Cybernetic Theory of Mind (2022), available as a Kindle eBook series:  


**The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind’s Evolution (2020), available as a Kindle eBook, paperback, hardcover, and Audible audiobook:

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